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Video Game Hero Parody Character 

What Happens at a Mascot Parody Character Party

He's chubby, Italian, and typically wears a red shirt and blue overalls... It's-a-me, Mario! This light-hearted parody character will come bounding into your event, leaping over every obstacle and pouncing on every bad guy that stands in his way. Mario will bring with him an assortment of games, prizes, and entertaining activities for the kids to enjoy! His bushy mustache, thick Italian accent, and everlasting lives will keep everyone on their toes as the kids overcome their own obstacles and bound alongside him! The fun is never over with this timeless character!

Your kids have played as him countless times and been through so many adventures together in video games, but with Star Brite Entertainment's Mario parody character, now they can join in on the adventure in real life! Your kids will never forget when they met their favorite virtual hero and saved the princess together. Make your next party or special event one that your children will never forget, book with us today!

Our Super Mario Look-a-like Character

Our Super Mario Look-a-like Character

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What Happens At a Mascot Parody Character Party?

Our Video Game Hero parody character is an excellent addition to your

Super Mario-themed party!

He will enter the party, accompanied by a party host, and greet the birthday boy or girl and all of their friends. The party host and Video Game Hero will then pose for as many photos as you & your guests would like. 

Following this, the party host will lead Mario & the kids in bubble play, limbo & dancing! They do some fun popular group party dances, so even the grown ups may want to join in!

If you purchase a Deluxe Package, the party host & Mario will then play some fun party games with the children which often includes: 


"Obstacle Course", “Hot Potato”, “Mario Says”, "Freeze Dance", "Duck, Duck Goose", "Musical Mats"

*games played vary by character & party host


We like to save cake & singing "Happy Birthday" until the end of the visit. Mario will gather around that birthday child & the cake for photos & singing, before posing for final photos.

On his way out the door, the Video Game Hero will offer high fives and hugs goodbye to all the children & the birthday child.

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