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Doc McFluffins Parody Party Character 

Our Doc McFluffins parody character is quickly becoming a favorite for kids character parties and it's easy to see why! Kids love the way she will use her medical skills to heal all their ill toys and dolls right away, just like a real grown up doctor. Your kids are sure to get swept up in the excitement of Doc's songs, dances and games. Who knows, maybe they will aspire to be a doctor when they grow up too!

Our Doc McFluffins character party has become one of our favorite character parties for little girls and boys. When you book your Star Brite Entertainment's Doc McFluffins to join your birthday party or special event, we are confident that your expectations will be met and your child will cherish the memories forever. From the minute she enters the room, this endearing childlike character will ignite your children's imaginations and they will parade around with her till the very moment she leaves.

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