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My Little Unicorn Parody Party Character 

What Happens at a Mascot Character Party?

*This character is limited to a 30 min appearance for all Party Packages. Available only within 15 miles of our Riverside location.


**Packages with a longer duration will have all activities conducted by the party host after the character departs.


Our My Little Unicorn parody character is an excellent addition to your My Little Pony themed party!

She will enter the party to themed music accompanied by a party host, and greet the birthday girl and all of their friends. The party host and Unicorn will then pose for

family and group photos. Following this, the party host will lead the Unicorn & the kids

in some dancing.  

*If you'd like to do the cake presentation while the Unicorn is present, we can take 5-10 min

at the end of the 30 min. visit for cake time.

If you purchase a Basic or Deluxe Package with games & activities, the party host return after the Unicorn leaves to conduct fun party games with the children. Some examples of games include:

“Hot Potato”, “Unicorn Says”, "Freeze Dance", "Duck, Duck Goose", "Musical Mats"

*games played vary by character & party host

 ​It's like having TWO parties in ONE! You get a character AND a party host!

See My Little Unicorn in Action

My Little Pony Party Character

My Little Pony Party Character

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