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What Happens at a Mascot Parody Party?

Here is a sample itinerary of a typical party, based on the client's chosen activities:


Your chosen Mascot character will enter the party, accompanied by a party host or assistant, and greet the birthday child and all of their friends for a Meet and Greet. Next, they will gather the family for group photos with the Mascot, to be sure that you get all the photos that you want. This also allows time for the younger children to "warm up" to the character before activities begin. 

(There will also be time for all to take guest photos before the character leaves.)


​Next, the party host and mascot may lead the kids in a fun dance party! Some examples of songs played are "The Clubhouse Theme Song" & "The Hot Dog Dance" for Mouse characters, "Paw Patrol Theme Song" & "Pup Pup Boogie," for the Puppy Patrol characters, or your child's favorites!

**For toddler parties, they will dance with bells, scarves & shakers. For parties with older children they will dance to popular party dances (Macarena, Cha Cha Slide, YMCA). Music can also be customized if your child has favorite songs that they'd like to hear. Just ask us!


​Next, the party host will lead the kids in some themed games, obstacle course, relay races or or other chosen activity. ​ Following the activities, the character will pose for final photos for all who would like one, partake the cake ceremony and singing of "Happy Birthday".

​On their way out the door, the character will offer high fives and hugs goodbye to all the children with a special Good Bye for the Birthday Child.

**Our performers always aim to complete all activities that you have chosen. The number of activities

that they are able to complete is subject to the length of time you book, the amount of children

that you have present and the actual number participating. When in doubt, we can help you choose the

best activities for your specific circumstances.

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