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Toy Cowboy Woody Parody Party Character 

What Happens at a Mascot Parody Character Party?

Our Toy Cowboy Doll parody Character an excellent addition to your

Toy Story or Woody themed birthday party!

Woody will enter the party to themed music accompanied by a party host, and greet the birthday boy or girl and all of their friends. They and the party host will then pose for as many photos as you & your guests would like. 

Following this, the party host will lead him & the kids in bubble play & dancing!

If you purchase a 90 min. Basic or Deluxe Package, the party host will guide the children in some party games after the character/s depart. These fun party games often include: 

“Hot Potato”, “Woody Says", "Freeze Dance", "Duck, Duck Goose", "Musical Mats"

*games played vary by character & party host


We like to save cake & singing "Happy Birthday" until the end of the visit. Our Woody Character will gather around that birthday child & the cake for photos & singing,

before posing for final photos.

On their way out the door, our Toy Story look a like character will offer high fives and hugs goodbye to all the children & the birthday child.

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