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Hello Kitty Parody Party Character 

What Happens at a Mascot Parody

Character Party?

With her famous round face and cute outfits, this Hello Kitty parody character has become a classic and timeless favorite of girls everywhere! Our Hello Kitty character is ready to brighten your young girl’s birthday party and help you create happy, magical memories!

Our Hello Kitty party characters enjoy entertaining the guests—both young and old. This birthday party character will participate in the activities. She'll dance with the birthday girl & her guests, she’ll cheer the kids during the games & she'll take as many photos with family & guests as you'd like!

We aim to make sure that we’ll make your kid the happiest as soon as our party character enters the room. The Star Brite Entertainment team provides the best of the best party characters in town.

*If you'd like to do the cake presentation while the mascot is present, we can take 5-10 min

at the end for cake time.

What are you waiting for? Contact us above and let's get your event booked!

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