The Panther Hero Parody Party Character

Superhero Packages

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Out of the jungle and straight to your backyard Birthday Party!

Brace yourself for an epic Superhero Parody Birthday Party with our amazing Panther Superhero Character. Kids will train to be as flexible, strong and as magnificent as the Panther Hero... and together they will save the world!

This Children’s Superhero Party gives kids the courage and strength to believe that they can do anything they set their mind to. The Panther Superhero encourages the children to believe in who they are and that the sky is not the limit. There is no limit when you’re a superhero!

The exhilarating Panther Hero party is perfect for children that want to conquer the world in the name of good and for the better of mankind. The kids are their own kind of kings and queens, they decide their destiny.

Panther Hero will show off his superhero moves before teaching them to the children, then they play Superhero Games and all the kids pick a prize! Panther Hero will exercise his simple Balloon Twister skills making swords for the children and their own treacherous battle takes place!

What happens at a superhero Parody Party?

Our superhero parody parties are based around training everyone to become real life superhero’s. After your superhero arrives he/she will greet the birthday child & all of their guests. After the initial surprise, they will then pose for photos with everyone who'd like a photo; family photos first of course! Your superhero will then gather all of the children for an interactive superhero chat. After a short agility warm up to get their bodies ready for the superhero challenges, your superhero will lead your guests in hero-themed Superhero Training. If choosing a Deluxe Package, your superhero will then lead the children in some fun party games with small prizes for all participants.

Following the activities, if included in your chosen package, your superhero will then apply themed tattoos for all of the children. During the last 10 minutes, they will assist with cake cutting, singing of "Happy Birthday" with your guests. 


Superhero Training Academy

Not everyone can save the world – you need to be strong enough to hold up buildings and fast enough to outrun danger! Your party host will teach your little guests how to move just like a superhero – in fact they’ll be taught everything they need in order to save the world! Activities may include but aren't limited to: relay races, obstacle course, tug o war, musical mats & character themed exercises. 


Here are some examples of themed activities:


Spider web game

With yarn or pool noodles, your superhero will form a mini obstacle course

for the children to crawl and climb through!


Kryptonite pass the parcel

A twist on the fun game Hot Potato, the children pass the parcel containing "Kryptonite"as quickly as they can because Kryptonite is poisonous to superheroes! Always fun for the kids!


Superhero Tug-o-War

The ultimate test of a superhero’s strength. The children will have fun tugging & pulling to prove that they are the strongest. Then the superhero will have a one on one tug-o-war contest with the birthday child, with the birthday child always winning, of course!

The entire team at Star Brite Entertainment will work as hard as we can to ensure that your child’s birthday party is nothing short of fun! We’re committed to delivering the best possible party your child has ever experienced. We’ve got an extremely successful track record! View our testimonials to see what other parents thought about their

Star Brite Party, and book your party today!