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Mary Poppins Parody Party character

Wind’s in the east, there’s a mist coming in; like something is brewing and about to begin…it’s a jolly holiday when you invite our Mary Poppins look-a-like to float into your party! This magical nanny will arrive dressed to the nines for a proper British tea and is sure to delight guests of all ages with her beautiful voice as she sings the beloved songs you remember from your childhood. This English Nanny is as delightful as a spoonful of sugar and is certain to make your event special! Our Mary Poppins is a "practically perfect" addition to your Mary Poppins, carnival or carousel themed party. And of course, she'd be the most enchanting guest at any proper English tea party, Baby Shower, Bridal Shower or any occasion!

If you're planning a children's birthday party or event for all ages, Mary is perfect for a wide age-range. Adults love her, too! Especially fun-loving guests who enjoy Instagram-worthy character immersive experiences. She sings, dances, plays a variety of kid-friendly games, mingles with guests, engages guests in fun banter and much more! You will not be disappointed when having this cheeky character impersonator at your event! 

What happens at a Mary Poppins Party?

Our Mary Poppins parody packages start off with the your character arriving at your door, greeting your birthday child and guests with a proper English "Hello" and hugs. Once she is led inside, she will take photos with the birthday child & family as well as all guests who'd like a photo. After photos, if purchasing a Deluxe Package, your your character will begin the mini make overs, tattoos or simple face painting, before gathering the children for story time, singing performance & sing-a-long. Then she with teach all the little girls how to walk, talk and dance like a proper English Lady

(Each character has their own variation of this activity). After learning how to be proper. the birthday child will take the Prim & Proper Oath and  be crowned in a special coronation ceremony complete with tiara & certificate. 

Now it is time to begin party games!​ If purchasing a Deluxe Package, she will lead the kids in age appropriate games such as Hot Potato, Nanny Says, Musical Mats or Limbo to name a few. Before she departs she will gather the kids for cake time and the happy birthday song. She will then pose for a few final photos before she has to say goodbye. 


Make sure to keep your cameras out, there are a TON of "oh so cute" moments

during the party!

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