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Kristoff Frozen Parody Party Character 

If you're looking for the Frozen characters to help you with your next birthday party, our Kristoff or Frozen parody party is the perfect option for your character parties this year. If you are booking Star Brite Entertainment's Ice Hero as a part of your Frozen themed character birthday party or special event, you'll have the kids cheering and singing your praise. Your little Frozen fans will have the privilege of joining in the fun! All the kids will love this and they are sure to talk about it for months after.

Star Brite Entertainment can give you an incredible Frozen party experience, and you don't have to travel to an Ice Castle! Kristoff and all your favorite characters can come to your party or special event together! It will most definitely be an experience you and your children will never forget.

Are you interested in a Frozen adventure that will have your kids bursting with excitement?! From the distant reaches of Arendelle, come the Frozen Characters! When it comes to Frozen characters that your children all know and love, Star Brite Entertainment has you covered. From unforgettable Elsa and Anna parties to our fun Olaf and Kristoff parties, we know the in's and out's of what makes a truly spectacular birthday party. Our Frozen character parties engage the kids in singing, games, *prizes, pictures, and much more! We specialize in keeping the magic alive, and bringing live Frozen entertainment to you.

*Deluxe packages only

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