Mascot Character packages

Why choose Star Brite Entertainment?

Because we do the best Mascot parties in the area!

Don't trust your special day to just anyone! Book the BEST! 


Our costumes are clean, we always show up & we take pride in our shows!

*The pictures you see on our site are our actual costumes. Beware of "Booking Sites" who's prices are too good to be true and

over promise activities! We hear countless stories from disappointed clients of cancellations, no-shows & inferior costumes & entertainment.


We are unique in that ALL of our Mascot Parody Packages include a Mascot Assistant or Party Host! 

Mascots do NOT come alone.  Having a trained mascot assistant allows YOU to enjoy your event without the need to chaperone the performer (not all companies do this...).

It makes a huge difference in the quality of entertainment that you receive.


*Please note that mascot characters do not speak. 

What Happens at a Mascot Character Party?

Click HERE to read a sample itinerary

We offer Meet & Greets & Deluxe Packages. Both include these Standard Activities:


*Trained Mascot Assistant or Party Host*

*Surprise Entrance*

*Meet & Greet Time w/ Your Chosen Character/s*

*Photo Opportunities for All*

*Cake Presentation Time & Photos*

(if applicable)

Our Deluxe Package includes the standard activities above PLUS a Limbo Game

YOU also get to customize your package by choosing from the extra activities below:


1 hour package:  Choose 2 extra activities 

   90 min. package:  Choose 3 extra activities 


Additional Activities to Choose From:

Deluxe Packages ONLY!

Not included in Meet & Greets

*Some activities have attendance limits. Please choose accordingly.


*Themed Character Story Time (some characters)

*Nursery Rhymes (ages 2-5)

*Freeze Dance (ages 4+)

*Coloring Activity (ages 3+) 

*Mini Obstacle Course (ages 5+)

*Relay Races (ages 5+)

*Parachute Play (ages 3+)

*Hula Hoop Play (ages 4+/max 15 kids) 

*Group Party Games (ages 5+) 

(i.e: Hot Potato, Musical Mats, Tug o' War, Duck Duck Goose, Ring Toss)

*Toddler Games (ages 3-5) 

Parent Participation required for children 1-3yrs.

(i.e: Hot Potato, Duck Duck Goose, Red Light Green Light, Follow the Leader, etc.)

**Toddler Dance Party (ages 2-5)

**Big Kid Dance Party (ages 6+)

(*dances such as "Macarena", "Cha Cha Slide", "Chicken Dance", Conga Line, etc)

Mascot Parody Packages

Quotes given are good for 48 hrs. Prices are subject to change without notice. Prices exclude Holidays. Inquire within for a quote on Holidays.

Entertainment is not "booked" until both a deposit & signed event agreement have been received.

   Meet & Greet


*Only recommended for large groups with 100+ guests. ONLY PHOTOS. NO GAMES.


** Photos, Meet & Greet with Guests


*Mascot meet and greet package is designed for those parties simply seeking a fun character appearance without games or activities.  


*Includes a Trained Mascot Assistant.

           Activities Included:


*Surprise Character Entrance

*Themed Music & Speaker

*Meet and Greet Time w/ your     chosen character/s

*Photo Opportunities for All

*Cake Time/Cake Photos

*Mascot Chaperone Assistant

*Please note that this package does not include dancing or games.






*Mascot Chaperone Included

45 min - $160 (within 15 miles only)

1 hour – $180


For Larger Events Needing Longer Photo Time:


Meet & Greet + Photos Only


90 min – $240

2 hours– $300


Have a large event and need more photo time? Please contact us to discuss your event.


*Pricing is for 1 mascot performer. Additional mascot performers can be added at the rate of $120 PER HOUR/ea. for packages one hour or more. Additional mascots can be added to the 30 min. package for $60 ea. additional mascot.

**Performers bring a small speaker loud enough for small group activities. It is not intended for full party coverage.

Deluxe Package


*Maximum of 20 children

     Includes Activities and Group Games.


*Includes a FUN PARTY HOST to run the     activities so that you may enjoy your event.

*If having more than 20 children, additional assistants can accommodate more children for a fee of $50 per hr./per 15 children.



          Activities Included:


*Surprise Character Entrance

*Meet and Greet Time w/ chosen   character/s

*Themed Music & Speaker

*Dancing w/ Children

*Photo Opportunities for All

*Limbo Activity

*PLUS Extra Activities of your   choosing (choose from list above)

*Cake Presentation Time/Cake     photos

*Fun Party Host to run all activities!



*Party Host Included!

 1 hr:    $210 choose 2 extra activities

             SPECIAL $199!


 90min:  $250 choose 3 extra activities


*Pricing is for 1 mascot performer. Additional mascot performers can be added at the rate of $120 PER HOUR/ea.  Additional mascot performers can be added at the rate of $60 each additional 30 min. 


**Performers bring a speaker loud enough for group activities. It is not intended for full party coverage. 

**Party Host will do their best to complete

   all activities within the allotted time.