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Unicorn Princess Party Character 

*Costume may vary by performer

Legend says if you meet a Unicorn and give her a hug, you will find joy and happiness for the rest of your life. With our Unicorn Princess Party Character, you’ll find this is absolutely true. Sing, dance and learn about unicorns with our professional Unicorn entertainer!

Watch out for her beautiful spiral horn, it’s really magical!

The epitome of beauty, this mythical Unicorn princess character hosts a kids party filled with fun games, dancing, Glitter Bling Bar, wish making, story time & *cupcake decorating if desired. The birthday child with also get a special Unicorn horn, complete with Unicorn Ceremony, conducted by the Unicorn Princess herself! It is meant to inspire the birthday child to reach for the stars and to embrace their uniqueness.

 She dazzles the children with her exciting and fun-filled visit! The children’s eyes will sparkle from the enchanting presence of our Unicorn character visit. It’s common to see them following her out the door chasing the last few moments of magic.

When you hire a Unicorn princess party character for your next event, you can be sure it will be filled with magical moments and memories that will last a lifetime. Don't trust just anyone to deliver this experience, put your trust in our amazing cast of unicorn princess performers and you’ll dare to dream yourself.

Star Brite Entertainment specializes in creating the perfect princess party characters and this new addition to our cast is no exception. Call us today to book this Unicorn Party Character and embrace the fantasy for your next event.

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