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What can I do to ensure that the visit goes smoothly?


Help your character to make the best grand entrance possible! Please keep children away from windows, gates or anywhere they may see the character before coming in. We don’t want children to see a character exiting a car or walking up before they are ready to enter. We want to keep the magic alive! Have your cameras ready!


Please only address the performer/s by their character’s name (ie. Cinderella, Spider-Man, Mickey Mouse, etc.). This helps keep the magic alive for children and guests.


If the event is outside, please make sure that the area is free of any dirt, mud, water, etc. Have a large tarp, blankets or similar ground cover for children to sit on when performing outside. We cannot perform if there is dirt, water, mud or damp grass that is not covered.


Please provide a chair for each performer or party host to conduct story time, etc.


If your package includes make up or face painting, please provide a table and chairs for each performer as well as a chair for children to sit in during this activity.


Please have bottled water available for your performer near the performance area. For Mascots, please supply water in a changing/break area that is set aside just for your performers (We don’t want children seeing characters without their heads…they need complete privacy.)


We begin each visit by doing your family photos when the character/s first arrives. We want you to get all the photos that you’d like & doing the majority of the photos first ensures that you’ll get all of the photos that you desire. Nothing is worse than wanting more photos when the performer/s needs to head out to their next event. Group photos and individual photos for guests will take place during the last 5-10 mins.


We suggest doing cake and happy birthday song 10-15 minutes before your character leaves. That way, the character is sure to be there for the special moment for your photos! Please serve cake after your character has departed so that the character can give goodbye hugs in order to keep icing/cake from possibly getting on the costumes. 

Then when the character/s depart, it isn’t such a let-down for the children if they realize they get to have cake!


Be available at all times to supervise children and in case parent participation is needed (usually when there are too few children to play the games effectively) or if any unforeseen behavioral issues arise.


Please refrain from changing the performer’s itinerary. They have a set order that they do activities, and making changes will affect the flow of the party and will cause confusion, making it difficult for your performer.


Please have the cash payment balance and any gratuities ready for your performer/s when they arrive. We cannot begin without first receiving the payment balance in cash. *Performers do not carry change. Please plan accordingly.


And lastly, HAVE FUN & have your cameras ready! You don’t want to miss a single magical moment! =)



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