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Thing 1 & Thing 2 Parody Party characters

What happens at a Thing 1 & Thing 2 Party?

Our Thing 1 & Thing 2 parody packages start off with the your characters arriving at your door, greeting the birthday child and guests with a hi energy "Hello" and hugs. Once they are led inside, they will take photos with the birthday child & family as well as all guests who'd like a photo. After photos, if purchasing a Deluxe Package, your characters will begin with glitter, mini "Thing" makeovers,  or simple face painting, before gathering the children for a Dance Party! 


Now it is time to begin the fun party games!​ If purchasing a Basic or Deluxe Package, they will lead the kids in age appropriate games such as Hot Potato, "Thing" Says, Musical Mats or Limbo to name a few.

They will also do a fun mini obstacle course!


Before they depart they will gather the kids for cake time and the happy birthday song. They will then pose for a few final photos before they have to say goodbye. 


Make sure to keep your cameras out, there are a TON of "oh so cute" moments

during the party!

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