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How Do I Book a Character or Service?

Simply contact us by textemail or fill out a booking request form to check availability and to receive a quote. 

We do not give quotes over the phone, so contact us in writing for availability. We will do our best to contact you within 24 hours (on weekdays) to confirm availability, discuss rates & get you scheduled. If we have availability, we will then send you a Booking Form to collect all of your event information before emailing you an electronic event agreement for you to sign online. You'll have 48 hrs. to sign & leave the deposit.

Once the agreement is returned & the deposit has been made, you can prepare for our arrival! 

 Text us at: (951) 828-0788     Email us at:

Why Don't You Give Quotes Over the Phone? 

Giving quotes in writing helps to alleviate any miscommunication that may occur with regards to availability, pricing, package activities, etc. However, if you feel that you must talk to someone, please be patient for a call back. We are often working events or in the warehouse and return calls when able. Text or email is the quickest & best way to get your questions answered. 

Does it Matter How Many Guests I Invite?

Yes and No!

Many companies will boast that they can "do it all" in one hour with no attendance limit, just to get your business.

So, if it sounds too good to be true, it almost always is!


In reality, no single performer can face paint 15 or more  children, play party games, sing songs, tell an interactive story, take photos with family and guests, do princess/superhero training, take cake photos and sing "Happy Birthday"

all in an hour. 

This is why we are up front and honest with you about what activities can feasibly be performed in a particular time frame with the number of children that you anticipate. We will suggest a package length that will fit your individual needs and include the activities that you desire in a professional and organized manner.


However, our Meet & Greet Packages do NOT have attendance limits.

This package is designed for larger parties and corporate or community events with 100+ guests or for clients who simply want a character appearance at their event for photos. With this packages, feel free to invite as many guests

as you would  like!

Our party Packages with 1 character have maximum of 15-20 children, depending on the package chosen.These limits are not arbitrarily made. They are made after having 30 years experience working with groups of children. We want you to get the most out of your chosen package, and if you have too many children, it can get quite chaotic, making it difficult for 1 performer to conduct activities, stay in character and give a top notch performance. 

So for the reasons listed above, we will recommend adding an additional face character or party assistant when expecting more children than your chosen package recommends.


*Mascots don't count as an additional face character. They cannot supervise children.

​How Far Do You Travel? Are There Fees?

We service the Inland Empire, Orange County, San Bernardino and some parts of Los Angeles County. Star Brite Entertainment performers will travel the first 15 miles from our Riverside location free of charge. Any parties located more than 15 miles from our Riverside location will be charged a travel fee depending on the location. Travel compensation covers fuel, travel time & tolls for all staff members servicing your event.  We will be happy to check your distance for you during the booking process & give you a travel quote.


*Travel fees are subject to change if the availability of our performers changes before your event is "booked".

**Not all characters are available in all areas. Please inquire within.

What Does it Mean to be "Booked"?

Your signed agreement & deposit is due within 48 hrs of receiving your agreement.

Once your deposit is paid (40-50%) and the agreement has been signed, your rates will be locked and your entertainment will be considered "booked".


*We do not hold entertainment without a deposit or signed agreement. No exceptions.


When Should I Have my Entertainment Arrive?

We recommend having the character/s arrive approximately 60 minutes after the start time of your event. This will give your guests a chance to arrive and settle in before the character arrives, and helps to ensure that the majority of your guests get to enjoy the character’s visit. We don't recommend having the character arrive at the beginning or end of your event, as some guests may be late or need to leave early. 

If you know that your guests tend to arrive late, you will want to take this into consideration when scheduling your character's arrival. Your talent will not be able to start late due to guests being late.

May I have an Outdoor Event?

We always welcome outdoor events! However, please make sure the outdoor area is clean and shaded. The location must be free of dirt floors, mud, damp ground, damp grass or standing water as many activities require children to sit on the ground. Keeping the costumes clean is also of utmost importance. 

 If there is rain, high winds or excessive heat, our performers will not be able to perform at your outdoor venue.  Our performers are wearing high-end costumes and sometimes wigs that cannot risk being stained, getting wet or wind-blown. In addition, wearing our costumes in high heat puts the performers at risk of heat stroke.  If you are hosting your party outdoors, be sure to have an alternate location available in case weather conditions change.

We do not give refunds for rain or adverse weather conditions.  Please plan accordingly.

What if it's supposed to rain?

Please always be prepared with a back up location or covered area in the case of inclement weather or other unforeseen circumstances. If it rains, you will need to provide the characters and guests with a completely covered area. This covered area must completely protect the performers and all materials. If a sufficient covered or indoor area is not provided, the performer will need to leave the event. If your talent needs to leave your event because a sheltered area is not provided, you will still be responsible for paying the full balance of your party. 

*We do not perform outdoors in extreme heat. If planning an outdoor event from July - October, we highly suggest scheduling our visit in the cooler hours such as 10:00 am-12:00 pm or in the evening hours between 6:00 pm-9:00 pm so that the performers can safely perform outdoors. 

What Venues Will You Entertain At?

We can perform at virtually any type of party venue, but please keep in mind that some venues have their own guidelines and restrictions. Some indoor play places, trampoline parks, pizza parlors, arcades, amusement parks, dance studios and more have strict policies for outside entertainment. Please check to see if your venue allows outside entertainment before booking with us.

*All characters must keep shoes/footwear on at all times. We will not perform in socks or bare feet. 

Please check with your chosen venue before booking.

What is Your Cancellation Policy?

Cancellations, Refunds, and Rescheduling

If you need to cancel or reschedule your talent, please let us know as soon as possible.

All deposits for services are non-refundable. However, you are able to reschedule within 6 months of the original date if cancelled/rescheduled a minimum of 7 full days before the original date and time. You are allowed 1 reschedule date.

Is There a Fee to Book on Short Notice?

We will do our best to reserve your desired character on short notice. Late booking/"rush" fees are as follows:


Events booked within 3 calendar days of the event date will incur a $55 rush fee.

Events booked within 2 calendar days of the event date will incur a $75 rush fee.

 Events booked within 1 calendar day of the event date will incur a $95 rush fee. 

(The FULL event payment will be due upon booking when booking within 3 days of your event.) 


We do not accept bookings the day of the event.

May I Choose who Entertains at my Event?

When possible, we will request your preferred performer for your event. However, we can never 100% guarantee a particular performer as circumstances sometimes arise that would make them unable to service your event (i.e. illness, personal emergency, change in personal schedules, etc.). 

What if a Guest Arrives Late?

All parties will begin and end at the agreed upon start time stated on your the party agreement.

All activities are based on a schedule and work best when all guests arrive on time however, guests who arrive late are welcome to join in activities upon their arrival.

Are Your Performers Experienced Working with Children with Disabilities?

Many of our performers have experience working with children with developmental and sensory challenges and are sensitive to the needs of all children. We also have some characters/hosts that know ASL.

Why Do I Need a Mascot Host or Character Assistant Included in my Package?

Mascot characters have very limited visibility and as an industry standard do not speak. Therefore, a specially trained mascot host/assistant is required to chaperone all mascot characters. They also run all games and activities at your event, make sure the mascot performer is safe at all times, and collects payments.

What Happens if a Guest/Child Becomes Upset, Sick or Children Misbehave?

Please keep in mind that our characters are entertainers, not trained childcare providers. The performers are only responsible for engaging the children in the party activities included in your package. Any behavior or health issues with children must be taken care of by a parent or booking client. 

Can Young Children Participate in Activities?

You absolutely may have young children participate. However, for the safety of all children & in order for your performer/s to entertain in an organized manner, all children below age 4 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian during all activities performed by Star Brite Entertainment.

What Does the Character Bring to the Party/Event?

Our performers bring everything that is needed to carry out the activities included in your chosen package for the number of children allowed in your package. Since each character and package is different, they will bring different things to different events. We provide our own music & speaker for entrance music and sing-a-longs, our own storybook for story time, props for games, etc. If your package includes games/makeup/face painting, we will bring everything needed to carry out these activities.


In addition, if you choose to do any crafts for your event, we will be happy to participate with the children as you lead this activity. 

We do not provide food or beverages for your event. However, if you have cookie or cupcake decorating as a craft, we are more that happy to have the character participate along with you.

We'd Like to have the Character Eat w/ the Children. Is that Allowed?

We understand that you may want the character/s to enjoy the food and/or cake with your guests. Do to the expensive nature of our costumes and in the name of conserving character integrity, we must decline any food/cake at your event. For this reason and to also not take away from the time set aside for activities, we suggest having food before or after your characters' visit. We also suggest having cake after we leave the event, but are more than happy to do photos with the cake and singing "Happy Birthday" right before our departure.

Do You Accept Event Planner (3rd party) Bookings?

Yes! Event planners are always welcome to book on behalf of their clients. We do require that whoever is the responsible party on site, be it the client or the event planner, agree to all terms & conditions before we will be able to service the event. An 20% gratuity will automatically be added to all 3rd party events.

Do You Work on Holidays?

Yes we do, when we have performer availability. However, our prices will reflect a higher rate on Federal holidays and an 20% gratuity will automatically be added to events booked on:


New Year's Eve, New Year's Day, Martin Luther King Day, Valentine's Day, President's Day, Easter, Passover,

Good Friday, Mother's Day, Juneteenth, Father's Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Columbus Day,

Veteran's Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day,  

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