How Far Do You Travel?

Star Brite Entertainment performers will travel the first 20 miles from our Riverside location free of charge. Any parties located more than 20 miles from our Riverside location will be charged a travel fee of $1.50 per mile. We only charge ONE WAY. Travel compensation covers fuel & travel time for the performer & assistant. For locations with longer traveling times, or if you are having 2 or more characters/staff members, a separate free may be added to your total package price to compensate for the extra travel time. We will be happy to check your distance for you during the booking process. 


How Do I Book a Character or Service?

Simply contact us by text, phone, email or here on our site. Let us know the date of your event, character or services desired & any other important details that we should know & we will contact you to discuss rates, deposit amount & get you scheduled. We will then email you an electronic event agreement for you to review & sign online. Once the agreement is returned & the deposit has been made, you can prepare for our arrival! 


We confirm your party details 48 HOURS prior to your event. 

Call or Text: (949) 637-4772     Email us at:



What Venues Will You Entertain At?

We can travel to any type of party venue, but please keep in mind that some venues have their own guidelines and restrictions. Please check to see if your venue allows outside entertainment to come in before booking with us. Additionally, some costumes/characters require specific types of venues or special accommodations. All limitations/accommodations will be discussed during the scheduling/booking process.


May I Choose who Entertains at my Event?

We will schedule your preferred performer on the day of your event whenever possible.  However, we can never guarantee a particular performer as circumstances sometimes arise that would make them unable to service your event (i.e. illness, personal emergency, company turnover, etc.). Please be aware that in the event that your preferred performer is unable to service your event,  we will not issue a refund.  We will send another performer in their place who is equally qualified to portray the character, as all of the performers that work with us are equal in performance quality and provide high quality entertainment.


Does it Matter How Many Guests I Invite?

Yes and No!

Our Meet & Greet and Basic Party Packages do not have a minimum of participating children. This package has "large group" activities. These packages also include a Party Assistant to help with music, setting up group activities, communicating with the parents, collecting payment, etc. 

Most of our other party packages with 1 character are intended for parties with up to 15 participating children (including the birthday child). This is to ensure that all activities can be carried out within the allotted time and that we have enough materials for all guests to be able to participate in each activity. Your performer is also able to perform to the best of their ability and give each child a great experience when there are 15 or less children.

If you have more than 15 children participating when we arrive, your performer may not be able to complete all activities. We will do our best. For packages with a limit on the number of children, there will be a $5 charge per additional child if there are more than the allowed maximum of children participating.

This additional amount will be due with the balance due at the event. 

2 characters can accommodate 25 children & 3 characters can accommodate 30 children.


**If there are more participating guests in attendance than anticipated, your performer/s reserve the right to make a judgement call and change or emit activities. Often times they may ask the host or client what activity they would prefer to omit or modify. However, this is not always possible or convenient.

**Our parties are priced by time, not the number of activities performed.



Why Do I Need an Assistant Included in my Package?

We include a Party Assistant in our packages with activities to ensure a smooth flow to your party. Party Assistants set up activities, control the music, help with games, collect any balances due and serve as a "go between" between the client & character. We prefer that our actors not break character to handle such issues, thus taking time away from activities. The Party Assistant allows the client to get the most out of their package by allowing your character to keep the children engaged for 100% of your booked event. You may find companies that cost less by only having one person attend the party,  but that 1 character has to juggle many behind the scenes tasks, as well as do the activities & entertainment portion of the event.  We find that having an extra set of hands allows for a more professional event without taking away any of the "Magic".   


What Happens if a Guest/Child Becomes Ill, Upset, or Misbehaves?

Please keep in mind that our characters are entertainers, not childcare providers. Your performer/s is only responsible for engaging the children in the party activities included in your package. Any behavior or health issues with children must be taken care of by a parent or party host. . A parent or host must take care of any behavior or health issue that a guest may have. We encourage the children to behave, but the hosts are responsible for monitoring and taking charge of children who are not behaving or who do not want to participate in the princess party activities. If any issues arise & the client is not there to assist, your performer will discontinue the activities until the issue is attended to. This is to ensure that other children are safe & that the activities can be performed as intended for the most enjoyment. Thank you for understanding.

Additionally, if any party guest, adult or child, is disrespectful or is disruptive to the performers, our performers reserve the right to exit the event. Your performer will let you know if there is an issue with disruptive or disrespectful behavior of any kind. 

The balance will still be due to your performer. No refunds are granted if the performer exists the event early due to any of the issues mentioned above.


What if a Guest Arrives Late?

All parties will begin and end at the time scheduled and agreed upon in the party agreement.

All activities are based on a schedule and work best when all guests arrive on time. Late guests are welcome to join in upon their arrival, however our performer/s will be unable to backtrack & catch up any late guests. This includes not being able to face paint or balloon twist once that activity has been completed. Therefore we suggest having your performer/s arrive no earlier than 1 hour from the start time of your event. Thank you for your understanding.


Help! The majority of my Guests are Late or I’m Not Ready...

Parties that begin late due to guests not arriving on time or poor preparation, will still end at the originally agreed upon time. However, if you ask your performer/s to stay past the agreed upon time, and they are available to do so, you will be charged at the rate of $50 per additional 30 min (or fraction thereof) PER PERFORMER, or HELPER. Any overage time payment is due in cash along with the balance due.


What Does the Character Bring to the Party/Event?

Our performers bring with them everything that is needed to carry out the activities included in your ordered package. Each package is different so they will bring different things to different events. We provide our own radio/music for sing-a-long and our own storybook for story time.

If you prefer to use your own sound system or play your own music, please let us know at least 24 hrs. in advance as to not cause confusion or delay in the activities. If your package includes games/crafts/activities, we will bring everything needed to carry out these activities. All we need is a table and chair to sit in. Additionally, if you’ve purchased any of our Add-Ons, our performers will have all of these items with them when they arrive at the event! 


We do ask that you be mindful of providing us with the proper space to carry out the activities you’ve chosen in your party package. If you’ve chosen a package with mini-Stunt Show or Superhero Training, please have a large space cleared where your performer may conduct their activities safely (if temperatures are above 95 degrees, stunt shows and superhero activities may be required to take place indoors & in air conditioning.).

**Please provide a chair for each performer, a small table for their materials, and a bottle of water for each performer. If face painting is part of your package, please provide a separate table for your performer to use as well as 2 chairs.


Do you provide the food, decorations or cake for my event?

We do not provide food, beverages, or supplies for eating or decorating. We are more than happy to sing Happy Birthday with your child and be around for food/cake, but we do not provide any food ourselves.


What Can I Do to Ensure That the Visit Goes Smoothly?

There are a few things you can do to always help with the fluidity of the party:

1. When possible, please reserve a parking spot for your character so that they will not have to park far away and walk a great distance. We are not responsible if performers are late due to lack of parking or having to walk long distances.

2. If your character/s is arriving in the middle of the party, make sure that they have an entrance that keeps the wonder and magic sacred (For example, The Little Mermaid or Jasmine would not be driving a car, so please keep that in mind when choosing a venue and reserving parking for your performer).

3. Set aside a PRIVATE area for your Mascot to change & take water breaks throughout their visit. 

4. If the event is outside, please make sure a shaded area is provided that is free of any dirt, water or mud. Please be familiar with our Heat Policy. 

5. Be available to aid your performer/s if they are in need of your help or any issues arise with children needing assistance. Encouraging the children to participate and engage in the planned activities is appreciated by your performer/s & will help the party flow more smoothly.

6. Photo time is best when scheduled immediately after the performer arrives. You will be glad you did! We schedule our parties back to back on weekends & we are often needing to head to our next engagement. Therefore, doing photos first will ensure that you get all the pictures you'd like rather than saving it until the time of departure. 

6. Please have cash payment ready for your performer/s at the scheduled end time. We suggest an envelope to hide from little eyes. We want to keep the "magic" alive. Please have the payment prepared and ready as our performers promptly need to get to their next event.  *Performers do not carry change, so please plan accordingly.

*Events that go over the scheduled time will be charged an additional $25 per 15 min. (or fraction there of) over the party time.

7. And lastly, HAVE FUN & have your cameras ready! You don’t want to miss a single magical moment! =)

Do performers accept gratuity?

Absolutely! Gratuity is a great way of letting your performer/s know that you loved their performance! While it is not expected, it is always appreciated. =)