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Outdoor/Warm Weather Policy

Outdoor Party Policy:

Outdoor venues are always welcome! However, if you are planning an outdoor event, always have a backup plan in the event of bad weather such as, but not limited to sprinkling, rain, wind etc. Because of the delicate and expensive nature of our costumes, gowns and wigs, we will not be able to do an outdoor event if there is sprinkling, rain, dirt, mud, standing water, high winds or in extreme heat or cold temperatures. 


If having a pool party, please be advised that characters cannot get wet. There can be no standing water, squirt guns, water launchers, water balloons or the like in the vicinity of the performers for the same reasons listed above. Children must be dry in order to participate in activities with characters.

Warm/Cold Weather Policy

For all events taking place in warm temperatures (85 and above), all face performers (non mask wearing characters) must be provided a completely covered or shaded area to conduct activities & protect them from sun. If temperatures are extremely hot, many characters will be required to perform indoors in an air conditioned environment. Why do we have this policy? High temperatures & hot sun make it difficult for our performers to perform to the best of their ability in our heavy, warm costumes & wigs. Being indoors will keep them looking fresh & perfect. The children will also be more comfortable not having to sit in the heat or hot sun.

During hotter months or heatwaves, if planning an outdoor event, we highly suggest booking your character visit at 5:30pm or later. If temperatures are too warm, your character may be required to be indoors. *This is at the discretion of Star Brite Entertainment & the performers/staff members present.  Safety of the performers is a priority and is taken seriously.

When outside temperatures are 65 degrees and below, face characters & characters with minimal or thin costumes, will not be able to perform comfortably outdoors without appropriate outdoor accommodations and outdoor heating.  In the colder months, indoor accommodations are preferred. If having your event outdoors is your only option, please provide outdoor heaters and/or a tented area for the performer/s to comfortably entertain. Being indoors will also prove more comfortable for your guests and children. If in doubt, please inquire within.

Guidelines for Mascot Characters & Masked Characters

If temperatures reach 85 degrees, all mascots MUST be provided an area that is completely shaded for the duration of their performance. On extremely hot days, mascots may be required to perform in an indoor, air conditioned environment & is ultimately at the discretion of Star Brite Entertainment, the performer & assistant. If in doubt, please inquire within.*Outdoor events booked from June-September or during heatwaves , may be required to take place at 6:00pm or later.  

If you have any questions or concerns regarding outdoor events in the hotter months, please don’t hesitate to talk with us. We will do our best to accommodate your needs and offer package suggestions and/or alternate activities if needed.

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