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Darth Villain Parody Party Character

If you're in need of a galactic adventure for your next birthday party, our Darth Villain parody party is becoming one of our most popular character parties this year. By hiring Star Brite Entertainment's Darth Villain as a part of your character birthday party or special event, you will be sure to stir up attention throughout the entire empire. Your little hero will soon sense a disturbance in the force and when his eyes lock onto Darth Villain entering his party, he'll be amazed that this infamous villain is at his birthday party! The memories will be priceless.

Feel the power of the dark side as this classic villain turns your child's party into a truly special experience, and bring balance to the Force and to your party by booking the Jedi Master character to square off against this dark lord. Your kids will never forget the party when Darth Villain showed up! Book with Star Brite Entertainment today and let us show you why we are the premier kids' character party company!

Are you interested in a galaxy adventure that will have your kids bursting with excitement?! From the distant reaches of the universe and a galaxy far away, come the Galaxy Heroes! When it comes to Star Wars characters that your children all know and love, Star Brite Entertainment has you covered. From unforgettable Darth Villain parties to spectacular Rey parties, we know the in's and out's of what makes a truly spectacular birthday party. Our Galaxy Hero character parties engage the kids in Jedi training, games, prizes, pictures, and much more! We specialize in keeping the magic alive, and bringing live Galaxy Hero entertainment to you.

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