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What Happens at a Galaxy Parody Party?

Here's a sample Galaxy Parody Party itinerary 

1 hr. & 90 min. Galaxy Party Packages

(activities will vary for Basic & Deluxe Packages)


Choose either a Male Galaxy Hero or Female Galaxy Hero to join you on your Galactic Adventure! The character you choose will engage the children in a variety of immersive activities, including but not limited to:


When your Hero first arrives he/she will have a Grand Galaxy Entrance to themed music and all will be in awe! He or she will then have a meet & greet with the birthday child and guests. They will next pose for family and group Photos before starting the party activities. 

*If choosing a Galaxy Stunt Show Package, your Dark Villain will arrive to "disrupt" the party. Then your Galaxy Hero will arrive to battle the villain in a light saber stunt show! He will of course save the day and send the Villain away & continue with the rest

of the party activities


First your Galaxy Hero will lead the children in Galaxy Training where the children will learn how to fight the dark side, and will each have a practice light saber to use during the party (made from a pool noodle). They will learn some simple Light Saber choreography from the Galaxy Hero and have the opportunity to battle the Hero one at a time. The birthday child goes first, of course! Then he or she will assist the Hero in the battles with the other children.


Next, the children will get to work through an obstacle course and a series of active exercises to encourage teamwork, strength, agility, and speed. 

After Galaxy Training the children will play some themed party games such as

Pass the Droid, Galaxy Hopping and perhaps a bit of trivia.


Before departing, your Hero will pose for last photos and 

sing "Happy Birthday" to the birthday during the Cake Presentation

*specific games may vary by performer & chosen package

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