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What Happens at an Encanto Party?

*Activities may vary slightly by performer,  intertest level of the group & time frame.

Here is a sample itinerary of a typical parody princess party, based on the client's chosen activities:

Your favorite Encanto Character will arrive at your door to themed music to surprise 

the birthday child & her guests! It will truly be a magical "Madrigal" surprise


He or She will be the picture of perfection, from our authentic looking costumes, their gorgeous hair & makeup, to their knowledge of the characters. Once they enter, will spend a few minutes meeting the birthday child one on one & mingling with her & her guests, giving them all a chance to say, "Hello".


After Meet & Greet time, it is suggested that you take family & group photos. Taking most of the essential family photos with your character now ensures that you get all the photos that you want. This also gives time for any shy children to get comfortable & "warm up" to the character.  

If you are choosing a 90 min Package with Mini Makeovers or 2 hr. Deluxe Package with Face Painting, your character will begin with this activity.

(It takes approximately 30 min for Mini Makeovers and 50-70 minutes for face painting when having 15 children.)


Next, your Encanto Character or characters will lead the kids in interactive story telling while they recount the story of the Encanto & the Madrigal Family. The children will love having a chance to ask them questions! This often a favorite part for the children. 


During or after story time, your character will delight the children when he/she pulls out the BRUNO VISION PUZZLE! It is an actual replica of the Vision in the film (it is even available for purchase! View it HERE!) The children delight in putting it back together piece by piece with their favorite Encanto Character!


At some point during the visit, your character will lead the group in a song performance and group sing-a-long to the most popular Encanto songs from the soundtrack! Including "The Family Madrigal", "Surface Pressure", "What Else Can I Do?" and of course "We Don't Talk About Bruno"!

Next, your character will lead the children in some fun Encanto-themed games and activities! They include a "Family Madrigal Obstacle Course", "Pass the Candle", "Encanto Tile Roulette", a fun Limbo activity and  our one-of-a-kind Magical "Gift" Wishing activity! We don't want to give the surprise away, but it is truly "enlightening"! 


The birthday child will then be presented with a signed Madrigal Family certificate! And if getting a Deluxe Package they will be presented with a special "magical gift" from your character!


We also have wonderful add on Encanto gifts like jewelry, puzzles, Mirabel's purse & LED statuettes

that can be purchased CLICK HERE(Gift prices will be added to your package price and included in your event agreement upon booking. Just let us know on your booking form what you'd like to add at time of booking!

Finally, about 10-15 minutes before your character has to leave, we pose with the birthday child by the cake (if applicable) and sing Happy Birthday to the Birthday Girl along with your family and guests.

This will serve as a good distraction too when your character has to leave. They won't be focused on her departure

because now they get to eat cake! 

Then, on their way out the door, they will offer a magical hugs goodbye to the Birthday Girl

and all the children who would like one. 

*If having face painting, this activity will be done first, after her entrance and meet & greet.

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