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Funny Cat Parody Party Character 

Who does not crack a smile with the mere mention of our Funny Cat Parody Character? Imagine the impact of a visit from our look-a-like Cat in the Hat himself.  It is sure to have audiences of every age sharing the simple joy of a classic treasure. 

Little Sally and Nick didn’t invite him to their house while mother was away—but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t! The ultimate addition to your Cat in the Hat themed party! Your character arrives ready for fun, whimsical adventures, clad in his iconic red and white striped hat and bow tie. Just like in the classic children’s book he will delight your guests with his zany tricks—maybe he’ll balance your fish on the tip of his umbrella (not really)! Or he might do  juggle a birthday cake (again, not really!). Or perhaps he’ll do it all…while bouncing up and down on a ball! With the Funny Cat Character you just never know. He will regale your child and his/her guests with stories from his wacky adventures with Thing One and Thing Two—and then, of course, invites everyone to play along. No matter if it’s a dull, rainy day or a beautiful, sunny afternoon, there’s always plenty to do at a Cat in the Hat party once he arrives!

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