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Rogue Girl Parody Party Character

Our Rogue Girl's rugged scavenger image has been eclipsed by her surprising Warrior powers. She finds herself in a pivotal role among the other resistance fighters. This unlikely hero emerges from her solitary life to lead the charge against the New Order. She will bring her fierce warrior spirit to each parody party and guide the children through the Saber training. She is best when paired with her new nemesis, KyRen. They will face off together and perform an amazing saber battle in which the good side will prevail.

This party will be full of interactive elements that will draw in the children to experience the power of the force while having an amazing time together. You'll capture some photos together that you'll cherish forever. Children love to meet this new hero and you'll enjoy watching them be entertained!

Are you interested in a galaxy adventure that will have your kids bursting with excitement?! From the distant reaches of the universe and a galaxy far away, come the Galaxy Heroes! When it comes to Star Wars characters that your children all know and love, Star Brite Entertainment has you covered. From unforgettable Darth Villain parties to spectacular Rey parties, we know the in's and out's of what makes a truly spectacular birthday party. Our Galaxy Hero character parties engage the kids in Jedi training, games, prizes, pictures, and much more! We specialize in keeping the magic alive, and bringing live Galaxy Hero entertainment to you.

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