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Does it Matter How Many Guests I Invite?

Yes is does!


To get your business, many other companies will boast that they can "do it all"  with no attendance limit.

 Not so!


If it sounds too good to be true, is usually is...

You are paying good money for your character and we believe that you want an entertaining and professional experience. No?


EXACTLY! No professional performer can paint 20-30 children in an hour AND play 1-3 organized party games, sing songs, do storytime or character chat, do princess or superhero training, and take photos with family and  guests, all within 1 hour (At least not in a professional manner)! 


Think of it this way:

Face painting takes approximately 3-4 minutes per child (even by professional artists), games take approximately 10-20 minutes per game, storytime/singing/themed activities take approximately 20-30 mins and photos take anywhere from 5-15 minutes depending on the needs of your group. Oh! And let's not forget the cake and singing of "Happy Birthday"!


 So, in essence,  a package with face painting & activities with 16- 25 children would take approximately...

90 mins to 3 or more hours!

Truth: You will have a much better experience if you keep within the recommended number of children.

Plus, your performer will be able to give the birthday child more individual attention when there are fewer children in attendance. And that's important! For these reasons, we believe in being up front and honest with you about what activities can feasibly be performed in a particular time frame and suggest adding more help if having more than the recommended amount of children.

Our Package Limits

Our Meet & Greet Packages do not have a minimum of participating children.

This package is a "photos only"/"meet & greet" package designed for large events with 100+ guests or for clients who simply want a character appearance. Feel free to invite as many guests as you'd like!

Our Basic & Deluxe party packages have a recommended maximum of 15-20 children depending on the chosen character & desired activities. These limits are not arbitrarily made and have been determined after 30 years of experience working with groups of children. Simply stated: too many children proves to be too difficult for 1 performer to handle in an organized fashion. Also, most activities are designed for smaller numbers of children, forcing your performer to omit or change activities at your event, and that's no fun!  

So, when planning your event entertainment, more is not always better! Too many children can be hectic, making it difficult for the performer to conduct activities, stay in character and give the top notch performance we are know for. 

*2 hr packages with Face Painting can accommodate 15 children and still leave some time for activities and photos. More children proves to be too many to paint within the given time and will leave less time, or even no time, for activities and photos.


**Performers are not professional face painters and are not "speed painters". If wanting a professional level face painter, please hire a professional artist.

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